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Cambodia is alarmed at the illegal import of pigs from the neighboring country of Vietnam.

Srun Pov, president of Association of Pigs Raising in Cambodia, said Wednesday that about 1,000 pigs are illegally imported from Vietnam into Cambodia every day, and some of them are ill.

He said if such situation continued, the pig raising industry in Cambodia will be dead, adding that the pigs imported from Vietnam are priced at just over 6,000 riel (about 1.42 U.S. dollars) per kilogram, about 3,000 riel cheaper than pigs raised in Cambodia.

Srun Pov, however, acknowledged that throughout Cambodia, a total of more than 4,000 pigs are needed for daily consumption, and in Phnom Penh alone it needs between 1,200 to 1,300 pigs, but the domestic pigs in Cambodia is not sufficient.

He said the country lacks about 700 to 800 pigs per day, but farmers are discouraged to raise pigs because of those imported ones from neighboring countries.

Cambodia allowed to import 800 pigs per day from Thailand, but as their price is higher than those imported from Vietnam, Thai pigs import have been stalled over the past months, said Srun Pov.

In May this year, Curtis Hundley, chairman of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) of the USAID said Cambodia had imported about one million pigs per year from Thailand alone and that had lost about 45 million U.S. dollars a year to the farmers’ pockets.

Cambodia is an agrarian country and rich in natural resources, while it still imports pigs, chicken and fish from neighboring countries as well as other household stuff and products for daily consumption.

Source:  According people’s daily online


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Khmer Buildtech Co Ltd (Cambodia’s construction firm)

To contribute to the country development, “Khmer Buildtech Co., Ltd” (KB) was established in 2001 at the provincial level by a group of experienced engineers to undertake challenging design and construction works. For more than five years KB has provided both design and construction services to private sector and international donor projects in Siem Reap province.

After its great success at the provincial level, KBexpanded its services countrywide from 2006 onward. 

Our primary objective is to provide technological-quality base construction works.  Clients can be assured of the quality and professionalism of KB’s staff and its extensive in-house resources, tailored to the needs of each specific project.

● General Construction

● Land Surveying & Mapping

● Geotechnical Investigation

● Structural Design & Drawings Preparation

Nº. 512, Mao Tse Toung (St. 245), 12156

HP……………………………………….. 012 231 331

HP…………………………………………088 9999 185


Website………………….. http://www.khmerbuildtech.com

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-Sport and Community – Soccer Tournament in Palmerston North

• Milestones – 10 Year Anniversary      Party

• Opinion – Culture and Identity

• Celebrating Success – Phalla Sam: On    Her Way Up!

• Future Leaders – Taekwondo Role  Models

• Update – Brother Number One


• Vox Pops – Have Your Say

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Yesterday, Cambodia’s phone vendors down the price of iphone 4 to $US1,580, which is $US120 cheaper then the last few weeks.

“The iphone 4 price will be even cheaper in the next few weeks” shop owner said.

Since the iphone 4 was announced the signal problem on CNN, now Cambodian phone users seem to have less confident of buying iphone 4, and the phone vendors are afraid of importing iphone 4 anymore. Even though, the first iphone 4 defected but there still people asking around whether iPhone 4 getting cheaper.  However, buying  the first iphone 4 in Cambodia the phone vendors will not provides iphone 4’s bumper to fix the signal problem as it was announced on MSN news.

The famous phone vendor HakSE is selling iphone 4 16Gb “locked Sim” at $US1,000 which is $580 cheaper then iPhone 4 16Gb unlocked one “This is the last offer and last one i have in the shop after that there will be no more locked sim iPhone 4 for sale as we make no money from importing iPhone locked sim” she said, the shop owner promise to unlock and jailbreak as soon as the tools and software become available for unlock with free of charge as long as you leave your contact with the shop. “Unlocked and jailbrak for iPhone 4 will be available soon base on internet” she said.

If you decide to buy iPhone 4 locked sim, it will be your own risk because there is no guarantee when exactly you will be able to unlock iPhone 4 that depend on Hacker that release the tools to unlock. Unless you are willing to spend $1,000 for the look of iPhone 4 in your pocket and use it as Gameboy.

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Introducing Khmer New Zealand Magazine issue#1.

This magazine is produced by Khmer New Zealand community, to help Cambodian children who lives or born oversea to understand Cambodia’s culture and language, and community also broadcast news from Cambodia to through NZ radio to help Khmer NZ get in touch with Cambodia.

Language: Khmer, English

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Auckland Cambodian Youth and Recreation Trust is a registered Charitable Trust (953880) as of March 1999.  The aim of the Trust is to service the Cambodian community by providing various social support services, educational support for youth and recreational activities.

The mission of the Auckland Cambodian Youth and Recreation Trust is to provide:

“To contribute to the social, recreational and educational wellbeing of the Cambodian community”

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COMPANIES licensed to operate in the real estate and land valuation sector have slightly increased in Cambodia since January, a fact commentators hope could hint at a recovery in the industry after firm numbers halved during the financial crisis.

There are 42 real companies with licences to operate in the Kingdom, slightly more than the 34 licensed in January this year, Moa Pov, deputy chief of Ministry of Finance and Economy’s real estate division, said yesterday.
While the number of issued permits still lies far below the 74 companies licensed at the beginning of 2008, before a global economic melt-down hit the domestic real estate sector, he was hopeful for a full recovery of the operator numbers.

“If the real estate market recovers this year or next year those real estate and valuation companies will come back,” he said.
But Kerk Narin, general manager of Bonna Realty Group, said smaller real estate agents had struggled to remain open for business. The cost of getting a yearly licence and a certificate is 700,000 riels (US$167) – as defined by a 2007 prakas, or edict. Any company operating without a licence incurs a fine of 5 million riels ($1,250).

Recovery watch: Real estate licences see modest rise | Business | The Phnom Penh Post – Cambodia’s Newspaper of Record

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