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I remember 2 years ago i wrote iPhone 4 review where everyone willing to spend their penny on shortage supply of iPhone 4 in Cambodia, first week of iPhone 4 released the price went up to $US1,200 for iPhone 4 16Gb and at that time Cambodia iPhone users has limited access to iPhone 4 due to restricted region,  the only way to get their hand on iPhone 4 is to import from U.S and pray for Dev-team release SnowBreed to unlock their iPhone.


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These rats has been transported to sell at Chrey Thom border gate, Kandal province bordering Vietnam with the price of 4,000 riel (appr. US$1)per 1 Kilo.The Vietnamese people consider rat meat a delicious meal therefore they have been sold there.

when i was young i alway ask my parents can people eat mouse? and my mom alway told me, we don’t eat mouse because mouse alway live in the dirty place where a lot of germ and viruses. so if we eat them we will get a virus or get infected. and today when i browse through one of Cambodian website and i was so shocked, that Vietnamese import rats from Cambodia. that give me a question whether they take rat to cook at home or they do cook and sell them  with other foods like noodle and soup as well?

that really scared me though, if one day i’ll be traveling to Vietnam i’ll have to watch out with the food, what do you think? will you go around Vietnamese town and have any kind of foods comfortably after seeing this photo?

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I didn’t have time to update iPhone 4 price from the last 3 weeks due to no sinificant change in price. However, there are some majore impact on iPhone 4 market.

iPhone 4 launched June 7th, 2010

Image by k-ideas via Flickr

Today i went to check out some phone vendors and i found out that was a flood of iphone 3 G and 3Gs in stock, some of my friend tried to get rid of his iPhone 3G as he received his new iPhone yesterday but iPhone 3G buy back price goes down to $230 and 3 weeks ago was $310.

For iPhone 4 price standard price from 2 famous store in Cambodia, iPhone 4  32Gb retail box is $1,100 and 16Gb is $950,

even iPhone goes down but still expansive compare to Authorised store from other country like Singapore and Australia, from

what i heard iPhone 4 32Gb unlocked is somewhere around $870, due to import price alow lower than local price that drive people to import iPhone more, for those who wish to import their iPhone they are facing a

majore risk as iPhone4 come with iOS 4.0.2 could not be unlocked yet.

Yesterday i saw at least 10 people who were wandering around at Soriya shopping center for their chance to get their iPhone 4 unlocked and jailbreak, i belive 50% of imported iPhone 4 are facing risk of gettin

g iPhone with iOS 4.0.2.

For those who imported their iPhone 4 with iOS 4.0.2 are staying at home and pray for the next release of new jailbreak.

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A YEAR ago, cooperation seemed unlikely. On September 3, 2009, when Mobitel signed a letter to the government again accusing the newest market entrant, Beeline, of price-dumping, much of the rest of the sector also signed, including qb and Hello.
Cambodia’s mobile-phone sector was not just competitive – that the government had to step in to mediate on numerous occasions last year showed the industry was on the brink of war. But in a market where average revenue per user has dropped to less than US$5 a month – compared with roughly $10 in China and $7 in India – basic economics has left operators in the Kingdom few options but to start collaborating on infrastructure in a bid to reduce climbing investment costs and falling revenues.

Cambodia’s hard cell | Business | The Phnom Penh Post – Cambodia’s Newspaper of Record

Sound like Cambodia’s phone operators are seeking to be efficient then they ever was, by counting the number of cell phone operators is alway rise a question how those firms are operate under profit?. There are about 10 mobile phone operators are operating in the kingdom where consider as one of the poorest country on earth.

Cambodia’s economy is open market economy where there is no restriction to new entry, from the government’s point of view the more firms come to the market the more benefit people will get, in this case consumers are getting benefit of lower cost from mobile phone services due to highly competitive on mobile service market.

Base on information from PhnomPenhPost above, Cambodia’s mobile operators are in the situation where their hands are tight that force to form an alliance in order to lower their operation cost, if we looking at Airline company, strategic alliance was really effective by helping them cut down majority costs. However, in Cambodia mobile market will this strategy work?

From the article, not all mobile operators are agree to form an alliance those including Viettel and Mobitel which are the bigger mobile operators in the kingdom, and small operators are seeking to form an alliance. this will lead to a major competition in the long run, “ Alliance VS alliance”.  can this be good or bad to Cambodian?

If we look at developed country such as New Zealand, Australia and UK, there are few mobile operators, government preventing other firms coming to market to protect the existing firms, its totally different from Cambodia. because of less completion the cost of using mobile service is 10 times costly than Cambodia’s mobile service. therefore consumers limit their usage according to their budget which is more efficient of using resources. in Cambodia because of mobile rate is cheap and it drive people to talk more and more, which is wasted time and resources, some people skip their work or even take their time at work to talk on the phone. talking about people talking on the phone while working, that remind me about Starcell tech support, i went to Starcell office which is one of the Cambodia’s mobile phone operators to get my internet connected for my phone, at the Tech support office i saw a guy seating on the chair talking to his girlfriend on the phone while leaving his customers waiting till he finished his conversation, He would do that if the mobile cost is higher than what it cost now.

I believe, Cambodian government should limit the number of mobile service operators to some point where people can afford the call and not too cheap otherwise there will be side affect in the long-run, just imagine when the small firms are withdraw only the big firms who left standing?

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Theravada Buddhism

Theravada Buddhism is strongest in Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Burma (Myanmar). It is sometimes called ‘Southern Buddhism’.

The name means ‘the doctrine of the elders’ – the elders being the senior Buddhist monks.

This school of Buddhism believes that it has remained closest to the original teachings of the Buddha. However, it does not over-emphasise the status of these teachings in a fundamentalist way – they are seen as tools to help people understand the truth, and not as having merit of their own.

BBC – Religions – Buddhism: Theravada Buddhism

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Rick Stein sampled this dish while travelling in the village of Kompong Khleang, near Siem Reap in Cambodia. The salad was prepared by the aunt of his travel guide, Sophal, in her wooden house situated by the Tonle Sap lake.

BBC – Food – Recipes : Spicy green mango salad with smoked fish and a sweet-and-sour dressing

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This Cambodian beautiful  young lady is selling Mobitel sim card for charity fund raising, there are 4000 sim cards available in stock, please hurry and get your sim card as lowest price as $1 per sim cards.If you are in town please help this young model raising her funds to help our society.

Hi everyone .. please help if you interested .. in buying mobitel sim card from me . 1 $ for every sim card , buy 10 get one free , close friend wil even get more discounts ..

wit the money i earn from this , i wil help wit the charity as well .

m collecting every single 1$ . Your help would be most appreciated .

How to pay and get :

Copy of Identity card along , will arrange to meet by contact this number: 090770888. and u can give in cash or deposit in my SBC bank Saving : Dalin Noun .

thanks everyone ..



Location: 4000 sim cards

Sample of sim are avaible:

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