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Publisher: Bona group

Language: Khmer, English

Classification: Properties and invesments

Country: Cambodia

This magazine is published by Bona Group through E-mail marketing and now it’s available here as an E-magazine (you can either download or read Online).

this magazine is free you can download from website or get hard copy from real estate agency bona group, from restaurants, cafe and coffee shop in Cambodia.

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long waited Cambodia E-magazine  issue#4 is finally here:

The Cambodian Magic Tattoo  !!!!

This E-magazine is the original soft copy from Cambodia CityLife that schedule to publish on 8/9 /10.

If you are interested in this Cambodia magazine and guide, you can go around the town to check out for Hard copy from place such as coffee shop, western restaurants and bars.

The release of this E-magazine come with key word “Magic tattoo”, basically this issue is introducing Cambodian belief and way of life. the tattoo is acting like a shield to protect its owner from any harmful spell, also give strength and unique abilities to gain control on user’s fate, if you want to more about this tattoo stuff turn to page 16.

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-Music – A New Light is Shining

– Giving Back – Volunteering in Cambodia

– Opinion – Culture and Identity (#2)

– Celebrating Success – International Dance Stars

– Elsewhere – Wat Khmer in Christchruch?

– Update – Brother Number One Documentary

-Vox Pops – Have Your Say

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-Sport and Community – Soccer Tournament in Palmerston North

• Milestones – 10 Year Anniversary      Party

• Opinion – Culture and Identity

• Celebrating Success – Phalla Sam: On    Her Way Up!

• Future Leaders – Taekwondo Role  Models

• Update – Brother Number One


• Vox Pops – Have Your Say

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Introducing Khmer New Zealand Magazine issue#1.

This magazine is produced by Khmer New Zealand community, to help Cambodian children who lives or born oversea to understand Cambodia’s culture and language, and community also broadcast news from Cambodia to through NZ radio to help Khmer NZ get in touch with Cambodia.

Language: Khmer, English

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Auckland Cambodian Youth and Recreation Trust is a registered Charitable Trust (953880) as of March 1999.  The aim of the Trust is to service the Cambodian community by providing various social support services, educational support for youth and recreational activities.

The mission of the Auckland Cambodian Youth and Recreation Trust is to provide:

“To contribute to the social, recreational and educational wellbeing of the Cambodian community”

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PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (AP) — Cambodia has delayed the opening of its proposed stock market for a second time, pushing the date back to July next year.

A statement Wednesday from the Finance Ministry said the delay was due to technical issues and the global economic crisis.

“The postponement of the stock market is to adapt to the evolving situation of the global economic and financial situation, which shows some positive signs of recovery but is still fragile,” the statement said.

Last December, officials said Cambodia’s stock market would open by the end of this year after initially targeting it to begin operating in 2009. After receiving the approval from Prime Minister Hun Sen, the Cambodia stock exchange is expected to kick off in July 2011, the statement said.

The Cambodian economy is small and reliant on textiles, which account for nearly 80 percent of exports, and hundreds of millions of dollars in international aid. Foreign investment has been deterred by the country’s reputation for endemic corruption.

Neighboring Vietnam started its stock market in July 2000. Nearby Laos is also planning a stock exchange.

Hong Sok Hour, director general of the Cambodia Securities Exchange, said the delay was necessary because Cambodia needs everything to be in place before the opening.

“We want our bourse to be a good one when we open. That is why we need the infrastructure and human resources to be ready at the same time,” Hong Sok Hour said.

In December, Cambodia awarded a contract to a South Korean firm, World City Co. Ltd., to build the $6 million, four-story, 71,900-sq. foot (6,682-sq. meter) stock market building in Phnom Penh’s planned financial district on the outskirts of the capital.

Hun Sen announced plans in 2007 to launch a stock market, saying Cambodia needs to find new ways to attract international capital beyond international aid and bank loans.

Soon after, lawmakers approved a securities law on issuance and trading of nongovernment securities to pave the way for the market.

Source: according yahoo.com/finance

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Here we go!

the 3rd Cambodia CityLife guide and magazine from VeroMediaDesign that was launched on 07/07/2010 and now its here as an E-magazine.

“Symbolic statue of Hang  …… But not many people delve into questioning what statues on the city’s Boulevards and major corners represent any geographical locations or even mythological symbol…”

CityLife is Cambodia’s premier FREE guide magazine, bringing good reading to all those in Phnom Penh and around town who like to keep their finger on their city’s pulse. Every two months, a glossy new volume of CityLife delivers fresh information.

for more information please visite www.veromediadesign.com

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TheScene 21th Edition from Ware_BB, this issue covered all the interesting topic including movies new released, video games and much more. Ware_BB announced this issued has been viewed by  600+ viewers online. i personally guarantee this e-magazine is really fun to read.   Read Magazine

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Cambodia E-Magazine

CityLife Issue#2

Published: 01/05/2010

Publisher:VeroMediaDesign Co,.Ltd.


Introducing Norry in Battambang! transportation in Cambodia is shifting, the old transportation is disappearing, will we be able to see the old way of transportation in the future? CityLife Issue#2 will bring out the Norry as Memento of Cambodia transport history.

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Khmer E-Magazine is here!

It’s free

It’s hot

It’s Sexy

It’s beautiful

It’s a courage

where you can read and share with your

friends and families!

Rating: for everyone

Language: Khmer & English

Written by: University student.

We are proud to announce our first E-Magazine is being published, this is a free magazine that offer news, fashion, lifestyle,Cambodia way of life, beauties and social. this magazine was written by a university student who working hard to get this magazine publish, he is seeking for the opportunity as a freelancer in order to get his career as a writer, this magazine is dedicate to everyone, especially to his friends and families.

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