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The Vietnam-Cambodia trade fair 2010 (Ho Chi Minh City Expo 2010) will take place in Battambang province, Cambodia, from October 20-24, with 150 Vietnamese business exhibitors.

On display in 250 booths will be farm produce, consumer goods, processed food, footwear, cosmetics, interior decoration items, textiles and garments, and electronic appliances, Tu Minh Thien, Director of the Ho Chi Minh City Investment and Trade Promotion Centre (ITPC) told reporters on September 17.

Apart from the display area, the event will also include an area to exhibit images and introduce the city’s economic, political and socio-cultural achievements as well as highlighting the friendship and solidarity between Vietnam and Cambodia .

During the fair, seminars will be held to connect Vietnamese and Cambodian businesses, promote trade and investment, and introduce Vietnamese goods to Cambodia ’s northwestern region.(VNA)

Source : according nhandan.com


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Khmer Buildtech Co Ltd (Cambodia’s construction firm)

To contribute to the country development, “Khmer Buildtech Co., Ltd” (KB) was established in 2001 at the provincial level by a group of experienced engineers to undertake challenging design and construction works. For more than five years KB has provided both design and construction services to private sector and international donor projects in Siem Reap province.

After its great success at the provincial level, KBexpanded its services countrywide from 2006 onward. 

Our primary objective is to provide technological-quality base construction works.  Clients can be assured of the quality and professionalism of KB’s staff and its extensive in-house resources, tailored to the needs of each specific project.

● General Construction

● Land Surveying & Mapping

● Geotechnical Investigation

● Structural Design & Drawings Preparation

Nº. 512, Mao Tse Toung (St. 245), 12156

HP……………………………………….. 012 231 331

HP…………………………………………088 9999 185


Website………………….. http://www.khmerbuildtech.com

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Yesterday, Cambodia’s phone vendors down the price of iphone 4 to $US1,580, which is $US120 cheaper then the last few weeks.

“The iphone 4 price will be even cheaper in the next few weeks” shop owner said.

Since the iphone 4 was announced the signal problem on CNN, now Cambodian phone users seem to have less confident of buying iphone 4, and the phone vendors are afraid of importing iphone 4 anymore. Even though, the first iphone 4 defected but there still people asking around whether iPhone 4 getting cheaper.  However, buying  the first iphone 4 in Cambodia the phone vendors will not provides iphone 4’s bumper to fix the signal problem as it was announced on MSN news.

The famous phone vendor HakSE is selling iphone 4 16Gb “locked Sim” at $US1,000 which is $580 cheaper then iPhone 4 16Gb unlocked one “This is the last offer and last one i have in the shop after that there will be no more locked sim iPhone 4 for sale as we make no money from importing iPhone locked sim” she said, the shop owner promise to unlock and jailbreak as soon as the tools and software become available for unlock with free of charge as long as you leave your contact with the shop. “Unlocked and jailbrak for iPhone 4 will be available soon base on internet” she said.

If you decide to buy iPhone 4 locked sim, it will be your own risk because there is no guarantee when exactly you will be able to unlock iPhone 4 that depend on Hacker that release the tools to unlock. Unless you are willing to spend $1,000 for the look of iPhone 4 in your pocket and use it as Gameboy.

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COMPANIES licensed to operate in the real estate and land valuation sector have slightly increased in Cambodia since January, a fact commentators hope could hint at a recovery in the industry after firm numbers halved during the financial crisis.

There are 42 real companies with licences to operate in the Kingdom, slightly more than the 34 licensed in January this year, Moa Pov, deputy chief of Ministry of Finance and Economy’s real estate division, said yesterday.
While the number of issued permits still lies far below the 74 companies licensed at the beginning of 2008, before a global economic melt-down hit the domestic real estate sector, he was hopeful for a full recovery of the operator numbers.

“If the real estate market recovers this year or next year those real estate and valuation companies will come back,” he said.
But Kerk Narin, general manager of Bonna Realty Group, said smaller real estate agents had struggled to remain open for business. The cost of getting a yearly licence and a certificate is 700,000 riels (US$167) – as defined by a 2007 prakas, or edict. Any company operating without a licence incurs a fine of 5 million riels ($1,250).

Recovery watch: Real estate licences see modest rise | Business | The Phnom Penh Post – Cambodia’s Newspaper of Record

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According to The Phnom Penh Post, today Nokia plans to launches its first office in Cambodia to bring Nokia closer to local consumers. look like Nokia is trying to expanse their market as the sales declined,  as an Asia-pacific record shown sales declined to 1.986 billion which is  2 percent lesser compare to the same period last year.

It doesn’t really matter whether Nokia is trying to expanse its market or not, but it is a good news to Cambodian as one of the biggest mobile phone company decide to launched its office here. This will benefit Cambodian Nokia user in term of products warranty, produce qualities, services qualities and prices.  At the moment Cambodian mobile market is an unfair trading where the vendors able to set their price freely without proper warranty on their products plus there is no consumer guarantee act here. For example: if you buy new phone from any of Cambodia’s phone vendors except a few authorized vendors, they will tell you the phone come with one year warranty, and the next day you plug charge to your phone and did everything according to instruction manual then the phone plug break, when you bring it back to the shop and they will tell you “we will repair it for you”. usually in other countries in this situation consumer can get replaced the new phone or get refund within the 28 days of purchase.

In Cambodia the word “warranty” is just the crap to make you buy their stuff, there is no real warranty here. well when i say no real warranty, that doesn’t mean they totally cheat you but they giving a crap service, if your phone break within warranty period and you send back to the vendors you will have you to wait couple months before you can get your phone back.

Let’s hope other company would come to setup their office in Cambodia like Nokia, and make Cambodia become a better place for electronic market.

Nokia launches in Cambodia | Business | The Phnom Penh Post – Cambodia’s Newspaper of Record

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PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (AP) — Cambodia has delayed the opening of its proposed stock market for a second time, pushing the date back to July next year.

A statement Wednesday from the Finance Ministry said the delay was due to technical issues and the global economic crisis.

“The postponement of the stock market is to adapt to the evolving situation of the global economic and financial situation, which shows some positive signs of recovery but is still fragile,” the statement said.

Last December, officials said Cambodia’s stock market would open by the end of this year after initially targeting it to begin operating in 2009. After receiving the approval from Prime Minister Hun Sen, the Cambodia stock exchange is expected to kick off in July 2011, the statement said.

The Cambodian economy is small and reliant on textiles, which account for nearly 80 percent of exports, and hundreds of millions of dollars in international aid. Foreign investment has been deterred by the country’s reputation for endemic corruption.

Neighboring Vietnam started its stock market in July 2000. Nearby Laos is also planning a stock exchange.

Hong Sok Hour, director general of the Cambodia Securities Exchange, said the delay was necessary because Cambodia needs everything to be in place before the opening.

“We want our bourse to be a good one when we open. That is why we need the infrastructure and human resources to be ready at the same time,” Hong Sok Hour said.

In December, Cambodia awarded a contract to a South Korean firm, World City Co. Ltd., to build the $6 million, four-story, 71,900-sq. foot (6,682-sq. meter) stock market building in Phnom Penh’s planned financial district on the outskirts of the capital.

Hun Sen announced plans in 2007 to launch a stock market, saying Cambodia needs to find new ways to attract international capital beyond international aid and bank loans.

Soon after, lawmakers approved a securities law on issuance and trading of nongovernment securities to pave the way for the market.

Source: according yahoo.com/finance

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