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Mass production of the Angkor Car—the first automobile to be designed and made in Cambodia-will be pushed back six months until December due to technical difficulties with starting the engine and opening the doors, the car’s designer said yesterday.

The Angkor Car, which runs on an electric engine and is just slightly longer than it is wide, was designed by Nhean Phaoek and will come with a starting price tag of $5,000 once it goes on sale.

Mr.Phaloek designed the miniature car for his family back in 2000, partnering with the local firm Heng Development in July 2010 to find investors for the project. In March 2011, his vision to mass-produce the car became a reality after inking a deal with Chau Leong Enterprise Group, a Hong Kong-based electical appliance firm, to build a factory in Takhmao City and produce the automobiles.


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