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long waited Cambodia E-magazine  issue#4 is finally here:

The Cambodian Magic Tattoo  !!!!

This E-magazine is the original soft copy from Cambodia CityLife that schedule to publish on 8/9 /10.

If you are interested in this Cambodia magazine and guide, you can go around the town to check out for Hard copy from place such as coffee shop, western restaurants and bars.

The release of this E-magazine come with key word “Magic tattoo”, basically this issue is introducing Cambodian belief and way of life. the tattoo is acting like a shield to protect its owner from any harmful spell, also give strength and unique abilities to gain control on user’s fate, if you want to more about this tattoo stuff turn to page 16.

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All fund raising processed go to support the Friends International Center for street Children and Youth


If you are in PhnomPenh city, why not pop in and get a ticket to have some fun? every single cent you spend in this event won’t be wasted, apart from your food and drinks expanses the rest will go to children funds.

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Here we go!

the 3rd Cambodia CityLife guide and magazine from VeroMediaDesign that was launched on 07/07/2010 and now its here as an E-magazine.

“Symbolic statue of Hang  …… But not many people delve into questioning what statues on the city’s Boulevards and major corners represent any geographical locations or even mythological symbol…”

CityLife is Cambodia’s premier FREE guide magazine, bringing good reading to all those in Phnom Penh and around town who like to keep their finger on their city’s pulse. Every two months, a glossy new volume of CityLife delivers fresh information.

for more information please visite www.veromediadesign.com

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i just get my hand on CityLife issue#3 cover page this afternoon, its pretty exciting to see the phoenix head statues on the cover page.

good impression with ” The living statues” i can’t wait to read it. we still don’t know what in this issue but should be something related to Khmer’s legend and history.

i heard VeroMediaDesign plan to release this issue on the 5th of July but i’m not so sure if i can get the digital copy the same day as release date, but i’ll try my best to get it posted as soon as possible.

Tune in again!

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Yesterday afternoon i went to coffee shop next to VeroMediaDesign office, i happened to hear that CityLife Issue#3 that will release sometime in July gonna be something interesting, Vero’s author will dig into Cambodia history to bring the legend back to life. what does this mean? its remain hidden. i believe many  CityLife fans out there will be surprised in the next issue. Tune in again!

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