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An open, participatory tech conference held in Phnom Penh late last month provided Cambodian Internet users and tech lovers a chance to interact with those from outside Cambodia. I talked to regular participants to the annual conference of BarCamp Phnom Penh 2010, tech educator Preetam Rai and tech consultant Thomas Wanhoff (whose current base is in Vientiane, Laos).

Eduardo Jezierski, Chief Technology Office at InSTEDD

The BarCamp concept has matured and set its own footprint in Cambodia, it would be strange to imagine a year without it now.

I liked that there were many sessions in Khmer, and that the balance of male/female improved over last year’s (estimating). Also that there were many topics of technology discussed relevant to Cambodia, like modern models of starting your own business, Khmer text to speech, and technologies that are appropriate for local connectivity outside of Phnom Penh.


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I didn’t have time to update iPhone 4 price from the last 3 weeks due to no sinificant change in price. However, there are some majore impact on iPhone 4 market.

iPhone 4 launched June 7th, 2010

Image by k-ideas via Flickr

Today i went to check out some phone vendors and i found out that was a flood of iphone 3 G and 3Gs in stock, some of my friend tried to get rid of his iPhone 3G as he received his new iPhone yesterday but iPhone 3G buy back price goes down to $230 and 3 weeks ago was $310.

For iPhone 4 price standard price from 2 famous store in Cambodia, iPhone 4  32Gb retail box is $1,100 and 16Gb is $950,

even iPhone goes down but still expansive compare to Authorised store from other country like Singapore and Australia, from

what i heard iPhone 4 32Gb unlocked is somewhere around $870, due to import price alow lower than local price that drive people to import iPhone more, for those who wish to import their iPhone they are facing a

majore risk as iPhone4 come with iOS 4.0.2 could not be unlocked yet.

Yesterday i saw at least 10 people who were wandering around at Soriya shopping center for their chance to get their iPhone 4 unlocked and jailbreak, i belive 50% of imported iPhone 4 are facing risk of gettin

g iPhone with iOS 4.0.2.

For those who imported their iPhone 4 with iOS 4.0.2 are staying at home and pray for the next release of new jailbreak.

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The iPhone 4.0 Release Date Time is tomorrow, June 21. Apple will release the iOS 4 software download for both iPhone and iPod touch users. iPad users will get the iOS 4 update later this year. Apple will also release the new iPhone 4G phone, four days from now.

Many iPhone users are eagerly anticipating the iPhone 4.0 Release Date. If you are one of these people, make sure you grab the iTunes 9.2 download and install it. iTunes 9.2 is required in order to update to the iPhone 4.0 software.

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